Data can be complex.
Migration shouldn’t be.

Data and its value grow exponentially, yet getting data to the cloud to manage that scale and extract value continues to be unnecessarily hard.

Traferium, powered by NewWave, is an all-in-one tool that enables both data migration and code conversion to simplify and reduce resources required to migrate your data to the cloud.

Built to support the Snowflake Cloud Data platform, Traferium quickly, safely and automatically migrates your data in any format, from any storage to the cloud.

What is Traferium?

Migrate data, tables, views, stored procedures, functions, code, OLAP, OLTP, etc.

Ensure data quality, custody and provenance for your organization’s data.

Simply select a data source, and the objects to migrate, and initiate real-time migration.

Snowflake’s multi-cluster, shared data architecture provides secure access to data, with nearly zero maintenance.

Reduce or eliminate code development time by automating the process.

Profile data to examine, cleanse and analyze existing data for accuracy.

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“There are many products that enable transfer of data to the cloud. Traferium simplifies more than just data transfer, it tackles the conversion of code to migrate stored procedures, functions, and online analytic processing cubes.”

Patty Delafuente
Senior Director, Data Science
“Traferium’s unique point-click-migrate process takes data migration to new heights and enables enterprises to leverage the cloud processing capabilities with huge cost savings. Automatic code conversion strikes the right balance between automation and generated code quality, saving 75% of the time required to rewrite legacy code.”

Seema Gupta
Director, Database

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